At world’s end


At world’s end (Azal Zahir)Image

At world’s end,
How far back can we really bend?
Clinging to reality, a foot to escape,
Hanging above a world of dreams,
Mouth agape.

Below, we can put together our thoughts that fleet,
Create a world void of sin,
A world of fantasy, a haven we may call our lair,
With streams, hills, bowers and flowers,
Budding in their beds.

Yet to climb back up is where many path and errands meet,
Where the light brightens and dims,
Our hearts find love and despair,
More love and then repair,
Where many known and wise footsteps,
Have still tread.

So in wonder,
Steady gone under.
Is it the light ways that are so frightening?
Or that the rock could be struck by lightning?
How long can we remain afloat?
To let go or not?
How much longer can we remain so taut?



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  1. I love the question raised through this; wondering about when the breaking point will come, and when this false reality will shatter all around us. Although not a poetry person, this definitely moved me. Good job, Ajoo! :*

  2. This is so beautifully written. I had to go back and read it again. So thought provoking, Azal! Never knew you wrote such amazing poetry ♥

  3. Great piece. Love the way you write. It has a certain sense of calmness in it and serenity which puts the reader at ease..

  4. I’ve always loved your poetry and this is yet another beautifully written piece, ajoo. I think in Pakistan, our generation will be able to relate so well with what you’ve written because we’ve seen the tail end of our country’s secure and happy era. We have such good memories of our childhood and we want to hold on to them with all that we’ve got because now everything is so harsh and scary. We don’t want to grow up and face reality like our elders do. You’ve really captured the essence of our fears, our dreams and put it into such simple words. Brilliant work!

  5. Ajoo, I have always been so amazed by the way you write. Your work moves the reader as well as makes one think which is the pure essence of poetry. This is beautifully written. Amazing work!

  6. Very relatable, whether you’re a citizen, a child, sick, poor, rich. We all have moments of looking back and delving in the comforts of the past. Well written. The rhythm of the poem is good too.

  7. Lovely piece of writing! I think the beauty of this piece is the ambiguity of it. Everyone will attach their own meanings based on their own experiences.

  8. Love how the questions hold relevance for every human being– of how far one can bend before they break. Very well done. (Y)

  9. I love your use of imagery and how your poem is very picturesque! I love how your metaphors follow a rhythm and paces how the reader reads it. Love it!

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