The Jungle Gym


By Xenia Rasul


Human vs Animal

It’s a big crowded playground, this world. You have to earn your way through to the top of the jungle gym, and how you earn it? It doesn’t matter. Funny thing this jungle gym. Like a labyrinth that swirls its way through acres of earth, not knowing where it starts, not knowing where it ends- if it does end. How victorious it might feel to get to the top? To step on toes, and pierce through backs, bite into flesh, and lose yourself?

It’s such a shame, this life. To be judged for a sin that’s different from anothers’. To be shunned for doing all the things that the one at the top did, only difference being you failed to climb to where they sit now. Funny how this works, isn’t it? To be hated for not spinning the knife enough, for not being malignant, vile and abhorrent enough.

But it’s not the Ha-Ha funny. It’s the funny that clowns feel at circuses. It’s the sort of funny that makes you want to paint your face into a smile, because you can’t smile otherwise.
It’s that funny.

Clowns. They’re funny too, aren’t they? To take pleasure in the happiness that they instill in the hearts of those that surround them. Paint their faces from one end to another to make you crack a Ha..And 10 tricks later..a Ha again. But what are you laughing at? What do you take pleasure in? The gloom of a clown? The feebleness of a caged animal, while you point your finger towards it? And what good does that make you?

Most of the times, life will play a game of cards with you. And more often than not, you’ll have nothing to play with, just the jokers. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the game. The game is only lost when you give up, and there’s no such thing as giving up. Because though you might have a joker in your hand, but what will your foe do with his kings and queens and hearts and diamonds, when you have all the smiles and happiness, laughter?

So go on. Give up. If you take pride in the throne, and the top of the jungle gym, and the jewels of the crown that they wear.. But toss in your joker, and laugh at them if you believe otherwise. Because it’s a big fat fucking joke this life…

And at times you don’t have to take it as seriously as they do.


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  1. Very well written! A great commentary on how human beings function in the real world, and the hypocritical roller coaster they jump on in their human interactions every chance they get.

  2. poignant write-up, penned straight from the heart. very accurately outlining the rat-race everyone’s caught up in. the last line sums it up beautifully; ‘you don’t have to take it as seriously as they do’. that’s what sets you apart. kudos, and more power to your pen!

  3. So wonderfully expressed. Its a dog eat dog world. There really is no shame in yanking someone down one rung of the ladder; provided one goes up two, three or no rung up himself.

  4. You just reminded me why it is so important to not get too caught up in the rat race. Like you said, can’t take it as seriously as they do.

  5. this got me thinking: is it the capitalist system that nurtures man to become vile, malignant, petty and ruthless? or is man by nature so destructive? thought-provoking writing as ever. keep writing.

  6. The capitalist system does play a vital role in shaping human actions, but not entirely, i believe. A man’s survival instinct is one that is inborn and existed before any formal structure did. And that is what sends him running on the road that he so willingly takes.

    Thank you for your comment!

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