The Sparrow Sings


A poem about the social evils and crimes against humanity, committed not only in Pakistan, Β but in other developing nations with male dominated societies. The metaphor of the sparrow has been incorporated to indicate how the world rarely notices how brutal and painful these crimes really are.

Far away,
A place where no one dares to travel,
Somewhere along the empty trail,
A young girl loses her innocence,
She wails and screams,
While the sparrow sings.










In the neighborhood,
In a place called home,
A tattered and broken abode,
A wife, a mother, lies on the floor,
Abused and marred,
And the sparrow sings.

In a field,
A barren and hollow piece,
A man sets his blood on fire,
Simply because she chose to,
Fulfill her desires,
Still the sparrow sings.

Round the corner,
In a desolate village,
The epitome of purity and innocence,
A female infant,
Meets her demise,
But the sparrow sings.

In front of me,
The people I know,
Disrespect and shoot down,
The ones who gave them life,
Yet the sparrow sings.









Thousands cry,
While millions die,
Torment knows no bounds,
As everyone watches the world burn,
Havoc, unrest and anarchy,
Then why does the sparrow sing?


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  1. You have written it sara? Its beautiful. This poem employs juxtaposing beautifully. The contrasting images of destruction and death with the sparrow singing have been skillfully used. I could picture every brutal act and could hear the sparrow singing. Brilliant visual and auditory imagery. Simply beautiful. Just a suggestion, being a literature student, one thing which i have noticed in literary legends is that they dont talk about there work, they just write it. The introductory note about the sparrow metaphor is unacceptable in literature. Write what you feel and let the reader infer what he wants to. Rest, it was a painfully beautiful read. πŸ™‚

    • I’ll keep that in mind next time onwards! Thank you for the compliments. They’ve motivated me to write more..

  2. Wow. The contrast between the title itself and its purpose in the poem is so painfully satirical. Its a clear depiction of how our society takes this issue so frivolously. I love it. Looking forward to reading more. :

  3. I wasn’t expecting this. Wouldn’t call this piece a pleasant surprise, of course the concept here is anything but pleasant. Definitely left a graver impact than what I was initially prepared for. Excellent job.

  4. Intelligently crafted… Because it’s an art to write such a poem, it requires creativity, a sense of style and beauty β€” a certain mastery, aptitude and special knowledge.

    You’re a disciple πŸ™‚

  5. Can’t help but think that we’ve failed in our responsibility to protect our fellow human beings from the ongoing social injustices

    • That’s so true. Everyday a crime against humanity is committed in different nooks and corners. And we’re just silent about it.

  6. The fact remains that the sparrow sings. That’s how life is. People die, and babies are born. Life continues. In the end, it really doesn’t matter how we die… it’s just the death that happens and we disappear just like the thousands of extinct animals before us…

  7. Not just excellent writing, but a heartbreaking message that needs to be taken seriously after all these years.

  8. Hey Sara, this is very well done. I especially like how you stayed away from any political posturing and focused on the very human suffering of millions.

  9. This is pretty well put Sara, i love how the sparrow also personifies the ignorance everyone in the society has covered themselves up with, the ignorance they use as a tool to justify and use as an excuse for the blunders they make and how they us that very ignorance to help cast a weary eye over the blunders executed around them crippling the voice and rights of so many innocent individuals and brewing hatred.

  10. The recurring theme of the sparrow was just mind-blowing. Something so beautiful stuck amidst all this tragedy. Your poem send a message to most people out there. When will things change? When will all these crimes against humanity end or rather be penalized effectively??

  11. this is just so deeply saddening. though you have directly mentioned the crimes, the words that hint at them send off a powerful message. our society needs to see how important these alarming issues are and needs to take a stand against them. a society with so many blatant crimes against humanity present can’t progress. so we need to keep that in mind always!

  12. This poem is so beautiul. Ur so talented :”)
    It made me sad about the patriarchal norms that dominate our society and lead to such inhumane scenarios 😦

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