This article is about my self-expression through photography.







 From one corner of Lahore to another you will be dazzled by the Mughal art and architecture, with spectacular domes and gardens.










Islamabad a city of wonder- beauties of Saidpur village and the view from Monal.





















Lahore in the spring season – The polo matches



IMG_4759 IMG_4759



IMG_7649         The abstract nature of life is fully expressed only by the right click at the right moment. 🙂

IMG_7742                      IMG_7746 IMG_7752




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  1. well done saima, you’ve truly put use of your camera and did not waste my money. Its a delight to see how you have captured the artistic perspective of places and people.

  2. Your self expression- truly expressed through images; nature’s grandeur and mystique blended with man’s architectural feats….. extremely impressive!

  3. Wow Saima! These pictures are absolutely brilliant. Didn’t know you took such amazing photographs! The polo match ones look so flawless and rich in terms of the colors 🙂

  4. You’re so skilled with the camera Saima.. well photography has more to do with talent than skill but you’ve got both.. 😀

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