The Ugly Duckling


So, this article is all about me and the way I look. That sounds narcissistic, but its really not. Just read a bit more and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 



Appearances matter. Whoever says they don’t probably hasn’t set their eyes on the likes of Scarlet Johanson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler *drools*.  So when we’re talking about appearances, have you ever experienced the feeling of looking back at your old pictures and going, ‘Good God, what was I thinking?’.

I’ve experienced that countless times. Whether it was the bucket-load of foundation on my saari party that made me look like an Indian geisha, or the unevenly applied purple lipstick that stuck to my teeth in odd places or a uni-brow; I have managed to look particularly ugly and hideous on numerous occasions.

This post is dedicated to all the masculine and embarrassing stages of my life. And what better way to flaunt my huge ass ears and thick upper lip growth, than through a series of passport photographs!

Actually, this one isn't that bad. Or maybe its too boy-ish for a girl.

Actually, this one isn’t that bad. Or maybe its too boy-ish for a girl.

If someone looked at this picture, and didn’t know a girl was staring back at them, they would probably think its a boy. Boy or not, this phase is actually an adorable one.


Words can't begin to describe everything that is horribly wrong here.

Words can’t begin to describe everything that is horribly wrong here.

The thick growth on the upper lips isn’t quite as obvious as it was in reality I’m sure. I was quite the hairy child. Developed a thick uni-brow in quite a few years after this picture was taken. Don’t even want to comment on the funky shirt and the lopsided bob cut.


Looking quite happy, for someone so...ugly.

Looking quite happy, for someone so…ugly.

The oily hair and the tired face says it all. This horrendous picture was taken on my way back to school with my mayl laden face and ganday baal. The difference between the sizes of the ear is something that gives me quite the laugh after all these years.


The eyes say a thousand words, perhaps?

Well, this probably wasn’t a good day. I look super pissed. After seeing the recurring unevenly sized ears and the death stare, I not sure whether I want to laugh or cry. :p



‘The I’m so emo I will slit my wrists’ phase.

Back in the day, most girls were mistaken that loading up the kajal would give them an instant makeover. I was no different. From the long black hair to the entirely black and grey get up, I took the emo dress up shit seriously. The smile, however, just doesn’t go. :/


One can come to a single conclusion, after looking at the past through the passport photographs:

The Ugly Duckling has now become a Beautiful Swan.

Refer to the picture below.












So much for not being narcissistic….


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  1. Trust me, all of us have been through the same… they say children change faces and sometimes resemble their mothers and at other times their fathers… but we all come to have our own identity once we’ve grown up

    • Yeah that’s true. But you can never get rid of the past! The person that you once used to be (appearance wise) :p

  2. Haha. This is totally relate-able. We all go through these phases and then turn around to see we turned out just fine after all, despite the embarrassing pictures. And its okay to be narcissistic sometimes.

    • Thank you Azoool! Growth is the worst process haha. But i can say for sure you never went through it. Pretty then and now :*

  3. sara! hahahaha nice! it takes a lot of courage to share something like this and everybody can relate to it. i really liked it =p

  4. Haha Sara. That took a lot of confidence to put these up. So many of us just hide these pictures or after some extreme make over choose to delete them off facebook hoping no one remembers them. This was great :p

    • Wasia you know I’ve always been weird and I’ve shown these pictures to almost everyone I’ve had a conversation with. haha

  5. It’s supposed to be this way, isn’t it? The ugly duckling has to transfrom into something so miraculously beautiful. You’ve got some balls to put up all this.This is great.I really am intrigued by those ears though, Sara. =D
    Ps: You are one hot swan. =D

  6. Aren’t we all glad that we have successfully managed to transform from the ghastly ugly ducklings that made peoples eyes sore to the beautiful swans we think we are now :P. Hopefully a successful transformation for many but Sara I must give you a standing ovation for not only this successful transformation (MAN YOU ARE HOT :* ) but also for being confident enough to share this experience with everyone in such simple yet entertaining words.

  7. These pictures are just depicting moments of your past. I’ve seen the real deal for whole lot longer than just moments. Unfortunately I haven’t blossomed into a swan like you Yet, but this article has given me hope, thank you fellow ex-duckling.

  8. As we look back through our pictures it shows us the moments and obstacles that one faces through life. Every picture says a 1000 words. Very well written and attention grasping. Keep it going!

  9. God, I hated puberty. Have made a lot of effort to destroy evidence of my sad, sad pubescent self. I laud you for having the courage to put these pictures up. This is incredibly relatable and hilarious too. Takes a great deal of courage to laugh at/criticize your own self. (Y)

    • Thank you so much Fizzles! I only found the courage because I managed to laugh at my ugliness. One should be proud of every phase 🙂

  10. I must applaud your balls. A lot of people would never reveal this side of theirs on such a public forumn. Hell all of us delete our old Facebook profile pictures to save us some embarrassment. But this is brilliant and entertaining. Growing up is so weird now that I think about it. After all the mistakes we make in life, in the end we all grow up to be beautiful.

    • Have you ever noticed the pubescent generation today? Its like these phases didn’t even hit them! And yes, that’s so true. 🙂

  11. Me and my friends joke around on how some girls who looked so ugly when they were in their O/A levels, have grow up to look super hot. Hahaha. Looking at your old pictures, who would have thought that you’d grow up to look like this! I feel sorry for all the guys who laughed at you back then and turned you down. Well, at least now you can get back at them and rub it in their face. This is brilliant!

  12. This is quite an analysis of counting up the years, needless to say its often hard to admit everything that has been there to make up who your are right now, the fact that you can do it with such blatant honesty is quit commendable.

  13. How modest of you, Sara. Hahaha.
    Puberty, indeed, is an asshole of the highest order. Excuse the language. I’m not as eloquent as everyone else. :p

  14. Hahaha this is absolutely hilarious! The bit about the lopsided ears gave me a good laugh. I think this piece is relatable for everyone. Every single one of us has that series of photographs that we wouldn’t dare show to anyone! Sharing this 🙂

  15. Hahaha. You used to be really ugly. But everyone goes through that phase and that’s whats so interesting about this post. Love your witty writing. It keeps the reader captivated. 🙂

  16. Haha, you’ve been brave! I know people who don’t even look at pictures of themselves at the stages you’ve so courageously displayed for the world to see. Kudos to you!

  17. I can not believe you actually did that. This is next level crazy, yet its so true. Every single one of us has photographs that we wouldn’t dare show to anyone. I deleted mine :p

  18. Hahaha wow all of these pictures… almost scary. But no, I get the awkward stage. Was there myself. I also think your narrative can be paralleled with the development of our minds as well. Where once they were ugly and deformed, now they are more developed and have grown with us.

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