Attack of the Tyrannosaurus in the 21st Century


One of my biggest obsessions is the T-Rex. T-Rex tees, bottles, puppets, you name it I got it! It all started obviously with Jurassic Park, which is one of my most favourite movies ever. I saw that movie as a child when it first released in Pakistan a couple of years after its original release, even though I was only a few years old then. One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing the Jurassic Park poster plastered over all over the wall of a local cinema and watching cinema and watching all the three movies with my family whenever they made their way to Pakistan’s  movie theaters.  Image The coolest thing about the Tyrannosaurus is that besides being severely handicapped by its tiny arms it’s one of the greatest movie monsters ever. From the moment that you hear the slight thump and the rings in the glass of water you know that some serious carnage is about to happen. I crack up every time I hear a T-Rex joke about it having tiny arms. The image of a Tyrannosaurus making a bed routinely makes me laugh out loud.  Image

My T-Rex obsession may strike most people as odd. I mean what’s there to like about an ugly gigantic lizard which roars and eats people? But to me that’s the best thing I could see on a movie theatre screen. Over the years people around me have learned to indulge my T-Rex obsession and I have gained even more merchandise. I simply love the way in which the T-Rex has come from just being one of the all time favourite movie monster to becoming a popular culture statement.

Image     Image


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  1. Dude, there were no humans treading on planet earth when that large reptile was roaming it. It’s because the ammonia levels were high and oxygen levels were low. Mammals couldn’t grow as much the reptiles who didn’t need so much oxygen to breathe

  2. Haha. I share a similar obsession with Harry Potter. Its good to have something to be passionate about; means you are living your life. Not just cruising through

  3. Hahaha I love this! Your quirk obsession is really cute. And please! T-Rex does not look like a lizard. It’s cute and pretty 😀

  4. This is probably a horrible time to confess that I am scared beyond the realms of logical reasoning of these extinct creatures. You enjoyed watching Jurassic Park at the cinema, while I remember being five and crying the whole time ultimately making two families leave in the middle of the movie. Good times. Sigh. However, in a creepy (I kind believe she likes them kinda way), your obsession is adorable.

  5. I can so relate to this since the T-Rex is probably the most fascinating species there was to walk on this planet. Movies like Godzilla and Jurassic Park should really be given more credit, since it really did provide us this amazing monster which is so amazingly awesome with its tiny hands.:D

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