The Ugly Duckling


Right to Ricochet

So, this article is all about me and the way I look. That sounds narcissistic, but its really not. Just read a bit more and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Appearances matter. Whoever says they don’t probably hasn’t set their eyes on the likes of Scarlet Johanson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler *drools*.  So when we’re talking about appearances, have you ever experienced the feeling of looking back at your old pictures and going, ‘Good God, what was I thinking?’.

I’ve experienced that countless times. Whether it was the bucket-load of foundation on my saari party that made me look like an Indian geisha, or the unevenly applied purple lipstick that stuck to my teeth in odd places or a uni-brow; I have managed to look particularly ugly and hideous on numerous occasions.

This post is dedicated to all the masculine and embarrassing stages of my life. And…

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About saramrana

The writer is a proud Lahori, who is studying Political Science at LSE. She is interested in social and gender related development and is striving to pursue a philanthropic career in the future. She hopes to be able to travel the world someday and see all the beauty there is to see.

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