To a Teacher’s quest, Nobody Protests!

To a Teacher’s quest, Nobody Protests!



Teacher introduces and implements a ‘five percent of the total grade’ assignment for a course in Islamic Studies that is compulsory for everybody in class. The whole class has to offer prayers at the college mosque. There are people from various sects and religions in the course. Nobody protests.

Teacher states that the military is the only institution that can  lead economic development, in terms of GDP growth, in Pakistan. In her first lecture on Macro Economics, nobody even tries to counter argue, since the teacher has an amazing reputation in the economics department. Nobody protests.

Communication skills instructor details in a half an hour long diatribe that students must watch Zakir Naik if they want the real truth in life. teacher goes ballistic on sole student who tries to question the logic behind that revelation. Student humiliated, and ostracized. Class moves on to further lecture on piety. Nobody protests.

Teachers questions why the Shia’s can’t even dare to challenge the writ of the state by protesting against the mass killing sprees all over the country. In the backdrop of the Alamdar road incident where the families did not bury their dead for four days, A professor claims that the shias should listen to the majority as the majority rules in a democracy. And yet again, nobody dares to stand up, its all about securing your grade and remaining in the good books.

Teacher feels up girls in class and calls his methodology “a spiritual reawakening of the student population”. Later he lambastes a girl for wearing a hijab who giggles and takes it in her stride. Teacher is woken up by his female teaching assistant everyday and escorted to class by girls who have to do it out of duty. Nepotism reigns supreme. Nobody protests.

Teacher mails students six hours before a mid term exam that 80 per cent marks are a prerequisite for students being able to qualify for their thesis in the final semester. Like lambs, led to slaughter, students appear in the exam next day, nobody protests.



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  1. A lot of people will relate to it, including me to some extent. This whole phenomena should be highly discouraged! Well written alina! Best of luck!

  2. Thankyou saira. Im pretty sure PIFD gave you an equally tough time. :p
    We, as students really need to gear up against teachers who try to impose themselves on us.

  3. I do not get the point that why teachers feel threatened by us when we question their ‘ superior knowledge’? They should have a ‘growth mind-set’ that allows to see mistakes as opportunities to learn rather than possessing an immutable one.

  4. Dear teachers,
    What harm can it cause you if you just prepare yourself to support fair dealing? With yourself! If we start being fair with us that would just make our way out of every setback, every shame and ever gloominess even if the decisions and actions go against you temporarily. Because the heart cannot live at peace if you have been atrocious to someone with intention to guard yourself from the timely setback .This would develop into remorse you won’t be able to bear. This would uproar inside you, kill you gradually, knock you down from being yourself. Nothing can soothe your condition, no clarification which is just another attempt by yourself to make yourself not blameworthy of the misdeed. Deep inside everyone knows where they wronged themselves. And why they did this.
    Sp stop running after money. Stop following a dead stretched line.

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