Attack of the Tyrannosaurus in the 21st Century


Right to Ricochet

One of my biggest obsessions is the T-Rex. T-Rex tees, bottles, puppets, you name it I got it! It all started obviously with Jurassic Park, which is one of my most favourite movies ever. I saw that movie as a child when it first released in Pakistan a couple of years after its original release, even though I was only a few years old then. One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing the Jurassic Park poster plastered over all over the wall of a local cinema and watching cinema and watching all the three movies with my family whenever they made their way to Pakistan’s  movie theaters.  Image The coolest thing about the Tyrannosaurus is that besides being severely handicapped by its tiny arms it’s one of the greatest movie monsters ever. From the moment that you hear the slight thump and the rings in the glass of water you…

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About saramrana

The writer is a proud Lahori, who is studying Political Science at LSE. She is interested in social and gender related development and is striving to pursue a philanthropic career in the future. She hopes to be able to travel the world someday and see all the beauty there is to see.

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