Insignificant Life


This is a post regarding the worthlessness and insignificance of life

Right to Ricochet

By  Asiya Shoaib Ismail


Humankind are the most selfish of all living creatures, not possessing the capability to live beyond themselves. This is defined by the way they sit and nurse grievances or mourn those who have passed away. This nature of man is the one thing that goes against him in most cases. The ability to remember some of the most hurtful or embarrassing incidents of the past life sometimes lead onto feelings of hate or regret which are detrimental to the growth of humans. The power to let go is what truly lacks in us, and therefore the concept of ‘forgiving and forgetting’ is unachievable because we cannot forget; not unless we all get amnesia and forget ourselves and those around us.

Another side to this idea is that from the day we gain consciousness, most of us develop certain ideals of what we think is right and…

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