Four chords that made a million

Four chords that made a million

People express themselves in different ways. Self-expression takes up a unique and interesting form for each individual. Whether it is the conventional use of words (more appropriate for the eloquent) or with the help of the seven colours, everyone has their own personal arsenal. For me, the best way has been through music or rather, by playing music. The instrument of choice for me has been the guitar. It all started 9 years ago when I bought my first guitar and it has been a crazy, to say the least, journey since then. During the summer I took guitar lessons for 2 months and after that, it was a year after year routine of sitting in front of the computer screen for countless hours, looking up tutorials to learn the songs that had inspired me to pick up the guitar. Today, this is going to help me finish a college project and frankly, let me show off a little. Two birds with one stone, right?

Apart from the initial push, I am a self-taught guitarist. I studied some basic music theory, as much as I could on my own, after which all the pieces fell in their own respective places. Besides that, it was just hours long of practice that helped me unlock the ethereal world of music. In retrospect, all those sore fingers were well worth it and my battle wounds; the callouses on my fingers (I love being dramatic) are a constant reminder of how nothing is served to you on a silver platter. For me, playing music is an incredible way to express because by toying with several genres, I have been able to vent a wide spectrum of moods just by picking up my guitar and letting the chords do all the “talking” for me.

Now that I have filled you in with my arduous quest to enlightenment, let’s get down to business. I will be done with college in a few weeks. It has been 4 insane years at LSE. Unfortunately, the “London wala nahi, Lahore wala” LSE is not the best college in the world (surprise, surprise). But at the end of the day, you have to make do with what you have. These were 4 important years of my life and like everything else, it had to end some day (thank God).

These are very rough because my playing is rusty these days. Apologies.


This is an instrumental and it is called “Farewell Ballad”, originally by Zakk Wylde, which I’ve played over a backing track with a little improvisation. It is my way of saying goodbye to college. So yeah, I bid you farewell, LSE.


One the greatest rock solos of all time. “Stairway to heaven” was one of the songs that inspired me to learn the instrument. Thank you Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page for creating such a powerful piece of music.


Here’s a beautiful song, called “Babe I’m gonna leave you”. Just because I felt like giving this post an acoustic touch as well.


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  1. Ahmad!

    Dude, awesome stuff! Loved the Zakk Wylde ballad – hadn’t ever heard it before. I totally agree with you, the musical payoff is so worth battle scars and calloused fingers. Are you looking into a career in music?

    Im curious, why did you originally pick up a guitar? Also, will you continue to blog even after you graduate? If so, where will I be able to find your writing/music?

    • Thanks man! 🙂

      I would’ve loved to take it up as a profession but that’s a tough road, especially here.

      My sister first bought a guitar many years ago. My fascination with the instrument grew stronger because I wasn’t allowed to touch it back then. Then one day in school, I saw someone performing my favourite songs by Zeppelin and Gn’R. That’s what really inspired me to learn to play.

      I’m not sure if I’ll continue writing but I’ll definitely keep playing music. I have a few recordings up on Facebook. Do let me know if you want to hear more. 🙂

      • Of course I’d love to hear more! I remember learning the Stairway solo when I was just learning – it was SO HARD! 10 years later I can learn all the notes by ear within 50 minutes. Still have pretty slow fingers, but excellence comes from practice.

        That’s awesome that someone else was able to kindle your excitement to play guitar. Please send me a link to your FB page or invite me to like it.

        Here’s my FB page:

        Also – you can STILL play music as a profession if you believe you can! 🙂

  2. That ballad yaar. Self taught is the way to go in my opinion. Just more…personal. And i would also like to hear the Sweet Child solo mentioned above 😛

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