Fun and Frolic


As the senior batch is all set to graduate, they spent their last days on campus with frivolous activities and joyous memories. On the 4th to the 6th of April, seniors celebrated Daaku Day, Yo Day and Paindoo Day, respectively.

On ‘Daaku Day’, while some had more fun extorting money out of juniors, others just resorted to giving them hugs to compensate for the hell they have in store for them:


Thaakur, kya scene hai?
















Infighting in the Daaku Community














While Daaku Day was a big success in terms of the dakaitis and the fun that followed it, the LSE admin tried its’ hardest to kill our buzz on Paindoo Day. What they didn’t realize was that 4 years in Lahore School of Economics taught us something– Never Give Up. Well, that’s not what it really taught us, but lets go with that for now.

As Daaku Day clashed with a Social Science Conference held at the Lahore School, students decided to very naively mistake the guests at the conference for instructors, and decided to wring some greens out of them too. To which the guests asked in horror, “Yay kala kurtay aap keh school ka uniform hai?”

Apparently, the admin wasn’t very pleased with this debacle, and decided to call off Paindoo day, as a frantic Mr.S was seen chasing dhoti walas and parandha girls around the campus, and kicking them out. ‘Perseverance commands success they say’; The students gathered in the parking lot with their dholkis, and their dulhas, and did a bhangra or two before they proceeded to the park behind Jalal Sons. Bystanders watched in awe as the ‘Paindoo’ crowd carried multiple dulhaas to the park, and danced like it was nobodys business.

Shabba’ boys:



Meri aankho mein tumhara pyaar basa hai- Literally




























1972434_646212858765485_5413090483174266403_nPaindoo Day proved as a unifying force for the senior batch at LSE. It was filled with an aura of ‘Yay hamara haq hai’, ‘Hum tow dheet hain’, ‘Jao kaam karo apna’ and other shenanigans; It felt good to be united under the same banner for such a…cause (if you can call it that).

Yo Day was a rather mellow one as compared to the rest, as people didn’t quite understand what the difference was between how they dressed up on a normal day for LSE, and the occasion that was ahead of them. Nonetheless, they tried:



















People of LSE, you will be missed!




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  1. aahahahahah omg this made me laugh out loud. Love us. Love this article. Our time here will always be remembered.

  2. You captured the essence of the last three fantastic days we’ve had. Makes me want to relive it all! Engaging and refreshing your writing style.

  3. Hahaha so amazing! You’ve cataloged this in such a hilarious way. We can return to this years from now and remember with such detail our last days in LSE. Love you guys, and loved this post 😀

    • Haha. Wanted to document it so i wouldn’t forget how amazing these past couple of days were in the future. 🙂 Love you more.

  4. Hahaha four years later, still as dheet as we came in. Amongst all the change there is still some stability, at least.

  5. Our batch collectively made eleven thousand just by harassing juniors and a few instructors as well, can you believe it? Sigh. I am all nostalgic now. Will miss everything. Despite all the shit we’ve been subjected to over the course of these four years, LSE remains awesome.

    • Wow. That’s some loot. Haha. You guys should be proud of yourselves.
      Honestly, the thought of what the future holds for all of us scares me. We’ve been so protected until now.

      Hope all our dreams come true. 🙂

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