Rubber & Pencil







From that time I was born I am doing mistakes and still I never hesitate to do so. Maybe this is in my instinct. Sometimes I feel sorry for doing this but mostly before I feel sorry you come to help me out without any hesitation. People never own such culprits who do mistakes or sins consistently but you are the one who own me with all of my mischief and never had regret.


Pencils always do mistakes but rubber is always there to erase those mistakes by touring itself into pieces. Whenever pencil makes a mistake rubber gets hurt but vanish those mistakes in no time. This is a fact that rubber never ever mind this. Even one day rubber is gone and bestowed its life on the pencil with a glowing face. Pencil still remains there but exchange old rubber with a new rubber.





Parents are like rubber. They are always there to erase child’s mistake. Mold its behavior to seek education of what is wrong and what is right. They tend to manage and inform child to work in between those lines which are accurate. Parents educate their child to not to go beyond those lines and if he goes beyond those lines they erase that error and ask him to write it again until he can write. They keep on assisting us until they take their last breath like rubber.


We exchange our old rubbers with new ones i.e. our spouse take the place of our parents. We forget those rubbers who initially educated us. As for now we do less mistakes but never give credit to them who demolished in demolishing our mistakes.



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