I hurled across the road , took a leap of faith and jumped high in the air. I was touching the skies , I was in the air and what I had in my hand was a string. Euphoria had stricken , how ? It was my hand it had a string , I had caught it it had managed to get hold of the loose end of the string hissing across the ground. I was flying a kite , I had caught one. The feeling cannot be exasperated in words I was deluded with this love for over six years and now my adrenaline jumped to astounding heights. Blood was flowing faster than in my fingers , as I pulled the string. The sense of achievement at first with getting hold of the kite and then , the way I controlled it’s every direction.Image

There was more to follow , I wasn’t the only one who was commanding a warrior in the skies , there were hundreds of these glittering entities ruling the skies. Yes kites , kites , kites here there everywhere.
Basant was being celebrated after years my memories had faded and I had lost hope of ever commanding the skies again but today the unimaginable has happened. Lucky was a word too less to describe my feelings. Passing by a park in the capital and a banner with basant written on it what were the odds I would be able to see it in an unknown city park my car and jump into the celebrations.


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  1. Magical how you have written about kites as being warriors. A great way to depict the art of kite flying. Happy yet saddened why can’t we also have it again.

  2. Takes me back mid action, midst all the fun, our yellow kurtas fluttering with the wind, splashes of fireworks and deliciously bright kites in the sky, kinnu season. Well done! 🙂

  3. Sweet nostalgia. Wonderfully described the ongoings of one of the most memorable events we had in our years growing up!

  4. Teach me to fly a kite if basant is ever brought back. But no, the memories all came back. Loved reading this.

  5. I rather enjoyed the visual imagery I was presented whilst reading this. As I have never experienced Basant before, it was rather delightful to see another individuals perspective on this joyful occasion. I would love to one day experience Basant the way you have described it in this excellent piece of work.

  6. I hope one day we can see the skies dotted with not stars but kites once more. Xenia’s right. Really hits home. Rooftops, booming music, bo kataa, barbecues, perfect weather and the colour yellow. Oh what nostalgia.

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