So They Live, Who Dare


So many are the attempts to make

So many dreams will have to break

The heart of stone, in the long run

In hailing storm, in sweating sun

So many promises that lie

So many wishes will have to die

The life in hardship never ends

The strength or firmness never bends

So much of the past to forget

So many are the plans to set

The life looks as the river flows

Passing past, as the wind blows

So many are the breaking tears

So many are the shaking fears

Which masks the eye wet

Which makes the soul regret

So “aspire for excellence” you believe

So decide! you will never give in

Promise all dark days you will bear

Saying this “So they live who dare!”


Inspired by this beautiful time-lapse, please do watch the video!


7 responses »

  1. Inspirational and motivational definitely infuses a new energy of hope. A strong word and stronger work. Well done.

  2. How perfectly suited to the time lapse. Exquisitely done. Literally like we’re standing still, watching the world whirl on by.

  3. Nice poem! We all need to be driven, and the success is a reflection of how our attitudes define the things around us.

  4. Wondeful writing, Abdullah! I’m impressed by your work. So true, how we must give up so much to achieve one thing, and how time is of the greatest importance.

  5. I feel like your positive attitude is something that is increasingly rare in today’s world. Felt like i was in your mind while reading this. Good job!

  6. Despite all setbacks, hope is one thing that stays constant! You have truly reflected the true crux of life with this beautiful piece of writing!

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