The First of March


ImageLike glittering pixels,Image

the floor shines,

rippling as the wind blows,

a mirrored light.

As the gentle breeze caresses your flushed cheeks,

a warmth emanates from the core of your bosom,

Imagewhen you think of the of the pink blossoms,Image

or the fluffy skies.

Good morning dear, sweet sparrow,

welcome baby leaves,

and a Hello to you,

                                                                               the First of March.


10 responses »

  1. Your poetry is a class of its own, and your photography matches your words perfectly! Flawless in its detailing. Love it!

  2. Our emotions and moods are so dependent on our environment; spring always brings out the best in people, in terms of their artistic, creative and poetic inclination. I see all three in your poem. It’s almost as if I can feel the wind on my face and hear the birds chirping. You’ve captured the simple ease of a blooming day in spring! Wordsworth in the making!

  3. yar post basant! kinoos, special namak, aur paiche yaad aa gayay :p such a massive part of my childhood; plus basant ke aik dou hafte baad sirf genuine kite flying hoti thi 😛 kaafi peaceful ho jaata tha aasmaan.

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