The Other Side of Lahore


A pictorial assignment on various street vendors in Lahore.

Quite often, amidst our menial worries and small problems, we tend to forget that there are people in the world who have bigger problems than us. While our problems concentrate around finding the perfect outfit for a birthday party or getting an A grade, there exist those who don’t even know whether they’ll have food on the table the next day. These people have a whole family to support on a measly income that ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 a month.

This post is dedicated to the street vendors in Lahore and all over Pakistan, who work tirelessly to give us delicious street food and some wonderful products that we wouldn’t be able to spend a day without.



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  1. It’s funny how we tend to make mountains out of mould hills from the trivial problems we have. Good job, Sara for teacging us to be grateful with everything we have been blessed with.

  2. Brilliant. We really need a change in our perspectives. We tend to take everything for granted without realising that we’re amongst that minority who are living such comfortable lives.

  3. Love it. But being from the extreme rural parts of South Punjab, I can tell you that this compilation (though true of Lahore and Upper Punjab in general), doesn’t even scrape the surface of the type of poverty rampant in those areas. However the essence of it remains. We have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for reminding us, Sara.

  4. It’s disturbing how we spend money equivalent to someone’s monthly income in a single day. Such messages should really stimulate minds and make us more socially responsible.

  5. No matter how much we make our lives miserable by acting like our problems are the end of the world, there is always someone worse off. That message, although often heard, is something we can never truly internalise in our own, self-centered universe.

  6. Two words : Absolutely wonderful. It’s these small things in life that we tend to over look in our lives. As you said there are larger problems in the world other than finding the right dress. Truly wonderful piece of thought and writing.

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