Come here.



How did we get here? When we stopped looking for monsters underneath our beds, and started looking for them within and around?

Don’t make a sound. They’re listening.


Did you check for the ones hidden beneath the sheets of your bed? The ones that hold you close on a winter’s night, warm their bodies, until summer arrives? Did you hunt them down?


How did we get here? When dreams stretched longer than a night, and reality came a bit too soon..but still too late?

Open your eyes.


Do you want me to pinch you now, so you know what is true and that which is not? But didn’t you ask for that pinch when nothing seemed real? I believe you felt the pinch too late, my dear. Wait..

How did we get here?


Are you out of colors, yet again? The black, the blue, the green, the grey.

Prick your finger with a needle sharp, and paint your wall with blood so dark..

Wrap it with a chain and lock, not a door this time..

Remember the last knock?


Nothing is true, did I tell you not? Not the words spoken, or the purple rock.  God died in all the battles that were fought, the devil crawled out of him, I kid you not..


A sweet demise this shall be one, a revival, a reform? Or maybe none..

A cliff you’re standing on, yes, right there..



How did we get here?






13 responses »

  1. This defines what my life is like most of the time. Looking back and finding somebody else where you should have been. Arriving somewhere but not here also invokes the same thoughts in me. Beautifully described by the way, and really captivating.

  2. You describe life to be the most beautiful tragedy. I love the way you write. Truly a professional in the making. Keep writing such brilliant pieces. I’m hooked!

  3. The world would be at a loss if you didn’t continue writing. I hope to one day find a book under your name. InshAllah.

    • Hahaha. Yes, i remember.
      Can’t listen to Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree anymore though. Guess you have to be in a certain state of mind to be able to do that. 😛

      Thank you, Irtiza!

  4. I honestly read this three times before coming towards the comment tab. You are an amazing writer. I sincerely hope that you continue writing and the world at large gets to enjoy your words someday.

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