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So They Live, Who Dare


So many are the attempts to make

So many dreams will have to break

The heart of stone, in the long run

In hailing storm, in sweating sun

So many promises that lie

So many wishes will have to die

The life in hardship never ends

The strength or firmness never bends

So much of the past to forget

So many are the plans to set

The life looks as the river flows

Passing past, as the wind blows

So many are the breaking tears

So many are the shaking fears

Which masks the eye wet

Which makes the soul regret

So “aspire for excellence” you believe

So decide! you will never give in

Promise all dark days you will bear

Saying this “So they live who dare!”


Inspired by this beautiful time-lapse, please do watch the video!


Lahore Eating Spree – Love of all Things FOOD!

Lahore Eating Spree – Love of all Things FOOD!

Every year my best friend from USA visits me (more like surprises me) and together we explore the food scene in Lahore and the test the limits of our appetites.

Saharish and I share a love for all things food and we spend her entire vacation in Pakistan gorging down on foods from all the restaurants in Lahore we can reach. Here are some of our favorites:

The first one on our list was Nandos; our favorite spot to for the spicy! We’ve tried to decipher exactly what goes into this potion of mirchi  called the Perri-perri sauce but alas, it’s still a mystery. We’re under it’s spicy spell and no matter how teary eyed or runny nosed it makes us we just can’t get enough of it.

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One night we made the mistake of watching Dhoom3 in DHA Cinema, and we just had to wash that down with a delicious treat or that day would have been a total waste. So we headed on over to Gun Smoke for their famous steaks and burgers. Yum!


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And of course no meal is complete without desert and the recent top restaurant that has attracted the Lahori food junkies is  Butlers Chocolate Cafe. That was definitely our favorite this year. It was surprising to see how packed full of people it was no matter what time you went. Their chocolate deserts are the best I’ve had anywhere and the ambiance just adds to the amazing experience.

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We came!
We saw!
We ate and conquered!

The week long food fest had sadly come to an end and Saharish had to go back to the States, after destroying my diet and any future plans thereof! But a refreshing vacation and time well spent. I enjoyed every morsel of it. And so we parted once again with heavy hearts but full bellies and already excited about the eating spree we’re hoping to have again next year. 😉









This article is about my self-expression through photography.







 From one corner of Lahore to another you will be dazzled by the Mughal art and architecture, with spectacular domes and gardens.










Islamabad a city of wonder- beauties of Saidpur village and the view from Monal.





















Lahore in the spring season – The polo matches



IMG_4759 IMG_4759



IMG_7649         The abstract nature of life is fully expressed only by the right click at the right moment. 🙂

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Trip to Delhi Gate and Wazir Khan Masjid


Picture credits: Azal Zahir, Jaffer Bhatti & Saira Ansari.


The Old Lahore Architecture

The entrance of Wazir Khan Mosque

The entrance of Wazir Khan Mosque




The girls outside Wazir Khan




The beautiful mosque with all its glory

The beautiful mosque with all its glory

Group photo outside the Mosque

Group photo outside the Mosque

Pathooray time!

Pathooray time!



And still eating...

And still eating…


One last stop. We must shop before we drop!