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By Saima Ejaz



Oh you, wake up, time is running out,

The end is coming,

You must awake and move on,

The stars are trailing and the night is gone,

You must do your unfinished work, time is running short,

Flashes of gold and jewels are there,

Oh there is a peal and a sparkling stone, leave it there,

It’s a derail in your path, a distraction,

Oh fool, open your eyes, see the truth,

Let go of the oblivion and let the precision make sense to you,

Do whatever is left; you won’t be back this way again,

There are no chances, no second life,

This is it, this is it,

Make do with it and hurry because the end is near.


Fluttering Wings



Is it like when winter wind blows?
No matter now for no one knows
My eyes dart from darkness to darkness
In my trembling body, my fright shows

I hear voices, echoing screams
And something white, a light it seems
Fluttering wings I vaguely see
Like those I remember from the first of my dreams

It is time to leave this cave of darkness
To a place where nothing dwells but lightness
I am no longer what I knew myself to be
Spirit of the heavens; my new identity

A Warriors Confession


A Warriors Confession – Abdullah Iqbal

The moment of reckoning wasn’t far awayImage
Years of preparation and at last they come today
In the face of annihilation he stood merry and gay
Out of the distant mirage they came
Spears held high, armor red as flame
Bellowing a thousand chants Lord, of thy name
Ecstatic, he feared no death or mishap
With his men he hid there to entrap
Sword gripped tight, he would pounce in a snap
With no chance of squall
Sharp as ever his sword ripped them all
One, Two, Three, their demise resembled a rock fall

Inevitability hung in the airImage
Death came from just there
And soon the sun resembled a mere flame
He thought of his beloved as the world darkened
By her side he hoped to be awakened
Alas this futile wish left him saddened
Remember it will be as the story
Of certain servant from the old priory
For he knew he was destined for glory
It occurred only then when he cried for the lord
Though for so long the Creators power left him awed
He realized finally that there was no God