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For The Love of Everything Korean


By Asiya Shoaib Ismail

It’s something that started rather reluctantly, really. There was this dread attached to somebody forcing me to sit through a 16-episode Korean drama, just because he found the lead girl adorable. Though I was in fits for the very first episode staring at a highly caked-up lead male who looked too effeminate for any girl’s taste, but oddly the first episode ended at this amazing note that I sat through all the 1-hour-long episodes in 2 sittings. This drama was called Heartstrings (넌 내게 반했어/You’ve Fallen For Me). You-ve-Fallen-For-Me-Heartstrings-youve-fallen-for-me-heartstrings-23591556-1280-1024

Highly caked-up lead (aka Jung YongHwa)

Highly caked-up lead (aka Jung YongHwa)

This was just the start of an immensely severe addiction for everything that is Korean, from the plethora of good music, talented singers and dancers, the well-scripted Korean dramas, as well as the language and the connection I feel to their culture being from Asia, albeit a separate region of the continent.

There is so much talent coming out of that part of the world and I feel as if I am witnessing the rise of a giant in the entertainment industry. It is rather fascinating to explore the global success that many K-pop acts have had in far-flung areas such as South America or the Middle East. Since music does not have any barriers, a great number of people start listening for the good tunes but end up learning the language as well, since it is a rather easy one to pick up due to the limited number of alphabets and phonetic sounds.

My Korean newspapers and workbooks

My Korean newspapers and workbooks

Nevertheless, the icing on my Korean cake has to be the K-pop groups or ‘idol groups’ as they are known by their crazed fans. The variety of music offered under the broad title is immense. From large 9-13 member boy and girl groups like 소녀시대/SNSD (Girls’ Generation) and Super Junior, hip hop groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1, R&B singers like Ailee and HyoRin, as well as rock acts the like of 자우림  (Jaurim), F.T. Island and Gate Flowers. tumblr_static_snsd-beast-snsd-super-junior-32314018-1280-800 2NE1 107









The writer is self-studying the Korean language and Hangul script at the  moment and possesses a keen interest in learning as much about the Korean culture as is possible.