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News Package: Slum Life in Winters


This is our News Package project for Online Journalism Course. Slum life for these nomads is even more difficult for in the harsh winters than usual. Already fighting with lack of food and provisions, winters wages an added battle with the cold. We entered into their world and to take a glimpse into their life.

Production Team:
Kashmala Amin Khan

Rabia Khawar

Fatima Ebadat

Sara Mahmood 

Asiya Shoaib



The Other Side of Lahore


A pictorial assignment on various street vendors in Lahore.

Quite often, amidst our menial worries and small problems, we tend to forget that there are people in the world who have bigger problems than us. While our problems concentrate around finding the perfect outfit for a birthday party or getting an A grade, there exist those who don’t even know whether they’ll have food on the table the next day. These people have a whole family to support on a measly income that ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 a month.

This post is dedicated to the street vendors in Lahore and all over Pakistan, who work tirelessly to give us delicious street food and some wonderful products that we wouldn’t be able to spend a day without.




By Asiya Shoaib Ismail


People expect most of those around them to be concerned and sympathetic to the troubles that others face, and it is, I guess, the most natural and humane response to incidents of violence or hurt. But what does one do if they stop giving the normally expected response?

Clearly that is, what I appear to be going through. As a child and a teenager, I was rather impassioned, full of patriotism and this hope that I could fix things, fix my society of its ills and evils. I had grown up expose to many realities of my country but still viewed them in a very idealistic light. The mere fact that I have given up even before I have graduated is a shame, and I am truly embarrassed to admit that I am, in fact, apathetic.


It’s worth addressing why I have become so. Being exposed to a society that is reeking with evils and vices, along with a very blatant display of them everywhere, from classrooms to the media, I have stopped feeling much concern about alleviating and resolving the problems. It is not something that a single person can do alone and there is no way that the status quo of this country is going to stand for and support anything that is for the benefit of the society. Only benefit for the individual works, and this trait makes the entire society uniform, thus negating the need for anything that would lift and support the masses. Secondly, the masses also go ahead and reinforce that which is uniform by their choice of leadership and administrators. Thus, every attempt for change is left futile and useless.

I feel like I have turned into a cynical, jaded and hopeless girl who doesn’t represent the youth or her country. I bear a banner all on my own without feeling the need to associate with one of the many labels that our society is broadly placed under. I have expressed the need to move away from the uniformity prevalent in our society and adopt a more individualist approach and I feel like I have come to own individuality as a trait within me. But, this country, and the people within it; I feel no element of sympathy or concern for them. I am, apathetic.


The writer is self-studying the Korean language and Hangul script at the  moment and possesses a keen interest in learning as much about the Korean culture as is possible.