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And She Knew No More


By Fatima Ebadat Khan

“Get up! You worthless woman! Get up now!” the drunken shouts of Tehmina’s husband mingled with her terrified, blood curling screams of last night echoed in her ears.
As her eyes snapped open, it took her a minute or two to take in her surroundings. She found herself lying on the cold marble floor, wearing what remained of her already tattered clothes, which were now in shreds.
Tehmina tried to lift herself up but regretted this almost immediately as this slight movement made every nerve in her body twist and agonizing pain rippled through her body. Screams escaped her lips as she mustered the strength to lift herself from the floor. At once she collapsed onto the hard sofa. Tehmina peered at the blackish – blue bruises that her husband had inflicted upon her in his last night’s fit of rage. Carefully avoiding her face and neck, Asif’s merciless blows and kicks across her body, his ruthless abuses night after night made her feel almost inhuman now. Night after night, his cruelty had turned her into nothing more than a disgusting animal to him and he was her tormenting master.

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“Where is my money? Hand over your salary or I will make you regret you were ever born Tehmina!” he growled at her.
“I do not have it yet Asif! Baji said she would give it to me next week. Please!” She remembered sobbing uncontrollably. But yet again, she could not escape his wrath.
She remembered asking her employer, who she had been working for as a maid in her house for almost three months , a advance on her salary but she had refused. Asif, being unemployed, relied on her to keep the house running. Tehmina was the sole breadwinner for her family of eight. She knew then that when she would arrive home, there would be hell to pay for as she arrived empty handed.
She cautiously stepped into her bare house, where Asif was lounging on the bed. The smell of stale drink coming from him filled the air. The children were clustered around him, dressed in clothes that were either too large or too small for them, given to Tehmina by her employer. She thought of it as a blessing to even have her children clothed. Questions about her salary were her husband’s greeting. She felt his menacing gaze fixed on her as she explained she would not receive it till next week. She sensed his impending murderous anger, as did the children, who hastily scurried away one by one when their father threw the empty bottle of liquor on the floor.

Tehmina remembered him hurling abuses at her, saying that she was worthless, not worth the dirt on his shoes, with his fists raised, ready to strike. At first her screams and cries were loud enough to make the ground tremble until one sharp blow across her cheek silenced her and she subjected to his constant beating till she became unconscious.
As she lay on the sofa, unable to move anymore, tears streaming down her face, she heard heavy footsteps entering the house. At once, Asif came in the room. It appeared that he had not been home since last night and was holding a bottle that Tehmina assumed to be alcohol. Asif walked up to her helpless form. Early in the morning, she could still smell the fresh drink off him. Little did she know that the worst was yet to come. Looking into her eyes, he threw the bottle of acid on her face and Tehmina knew no more.



Injustices towards men of the 21st century



By Ahmad Akmal

Everyone knows about the troubles women have faced. But the largely ignored & in my opinion, the more important aspect is the hardships and absolute cruelty men face today.

Women in Pakistan always receive special treatment no matter what. People are likely to move aside and make way for you when you’re walking through a crowded shopping mall but us men have to force and squeeze our way through the hoard. People will gladly give up their seat for a woman if there are none available but men will have to stand and endure. Say, your car breaks down in the middle of the road or you get a flat tyre. It won’t take long for a stranger to come to the rescue and help out the lady in distress. What about poor guys like me who don’t know how to change a flat tyre? No stranger was nice enough to help me out. (Thank God my dad came to get me or I was stranded for good)

Personal experiences of my friends are testimony to what I’m trying to say here. A friend of mine once bought a product from an online shopping company, which provided some false information by mistake. Disgruntled by the lack of professionalism, she decided to vent in an e-mail and really let them know how disappointed she was.  Miraculously, the company replied the very next day. After that, they called her not once, but twice, to apologize once more. But wait, that’s not the end of it. They even offered her a free discount on the next product she purchases from them. I would’ve loved to receive such special treatment but unfortunately, that’s not how things work here.  I mean, I’ve never been able to get the people in Subway making your sandwich to put in more than 5 olives, ever.  But, I’ve seen a girl say “Olives zyada daalna please” and the guy literally threw in a fistful. Heck, they even agreed to deliver for free to an area where they don’t normally deliver to. Just imagine the kind of double standards at play here.

One thing that I never really understood is about how women get so angry when guys look at them. Okay, I understand that in Pakistan the staring has been taken to a whole new level but still, when a guy “checks out” a girl it means that they look nice and are attractive. I mean, I would be absolutely flattered if random women on the street were ogling over me and turning their heads to get one more glimpse of the incredibly attractive man their eyes are feasting upon. Talk about an ego boost. Instead, women get disgusted and complain about how men are so desperate and always staring. I just don’t get it. Although, I would love to see how women would react if one day, they show off themselves, as usual, and no one even bothers acknowledging their existence. Now that would be interesting. Ungrateful, that’s what women are.

Us poor men crumble under the burden of expectations and stereotypes of what a “real man” is supposed to be. Not all of us are tall and muscular, have plenty of chest hair and coarse voices and have a thick, carpetlike beard. It’s not our fault our DNA made us this way! There’s only so much you have control over. The majority thinks men need to be rough and tough and should not cry. But obviously, it’s okay for women to let the waterworks run. I’ve seen guys been made fun of for wearing pink shirts. Fine, I agree it’s a rather feminine colour but let the poor guy wear whatever he likes! Some guys get their eyebrows made and wax their arms and chests. Instead of calling them metro-sexuals, just let them be! They just want to look nice and pretty, like the ladies do. But no, women won’t be called names for doing the same.

Life is very hard for some men out there. Women just like to steal the spotlight with a bunch of made-up problems. All of this might be a part of a grand scheme, who knows. These women are evil & manipulative creatures. One can only imagine the kind of horror and injustice us poor men face everyday around the world.

To all the oppressed men around the world, stay strong. You’re not alone.